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/post/65781287522 from which concert is this video? :o

The URL you requested could not be found.”

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Völerball or Live Aus Berlin ? :>

Völkerball all the way!

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Hallo. ^^ Just wanted to say hi, and it's nice to see you on my dash. :)

Heeeyyyy! Sorry I’m not active at all but I’m so fucking bussy with my life these days. And I need something from boys so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! It’s really nice to see you still remember about me x

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Tier or Reise, Reise ? :>


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Richard Z. Kruspe

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Doom's wedding gallery

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doom - rammstein - christoph schneider - these are brilliant -

this cracked me up so hard 

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till lindemann - rammstein -

Happy b-day Reesh! 

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richard kruspe - rammstein - gif will come later probably -



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i miss r+ fandom so much

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