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psychotic-psychosis wondered,
Guten tag! I was wondering if you either have a link to a gif set of Mein Herz Brennt (piano version) or if not, if you could make a gif/gif set of the music video? Danke!

Haii! There are some gif’s that I made: x x 
I’ll make more and upload them today for sure! Thank u for suggestion x

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Anonymous wondered,
What do you think about people who repost your gifs and pics? Are you angry or doesn't it matter that much to you?

Well I reckon they aren’t really aware of what they’re doing. I mean long, looong time ago when I started tumblring I was doing the same thing and I haven’t got a clue that I might hurt someone’s feelings by doing this so… 
But yeah, it’s pretty annoying seeing someone posting ur work that you were working for quite a lot but I can’t do anything about it which means im trying to ignore it. 

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